Professional Services

Maximize the value of your solutions investment.

Have questions on how to incorporate high-quality imagery, information, and insight solutions into your workflow? Turn to DigitalGlobe’s Professional Services for answers. Be confident you have the training and support needed to reach your organizational goals.

Maximize the value of your solutions investment.

Have questions on how to incorporate high-quality imagery, information, and insight solutions into your workflow? Turn to DigitalGlobe’s Professional Services for answers. Be confident you have the training and support needed to reach your organizational goals.

Be the best you can be

Service contracts and subscriptions

Customer and reseller training

Custom software and solutions

Flexible support offerings to meet your business needs

Service contracts & subscriptions

For customers who want an added layer of support and peace of mind, service contracts & subscriptions provide maintenance and technical support for tasks that fall outside of the Custom Software & Solutions standard warranty period.

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Features and benefits

  • Access to professional services wiki

    Gives access to a knowledge base for solving problems and learning.
  • Priority remediation

    Provides customer with immediate relief and support for priority one issues.
  • Escalation support

    Provides customer with clear path to product management for getting issues resolved in future-software releases or patches for critical issues.
  • Technical support

    Provide customers with the ability to get answers to technical issues they are having with flexible times to meet their need.
  • Content update management

    Helps customer update imagery and other content updates into customer workflow. Customer doesn't have to worry about integration issues or timing.
  • Custom software development blocks

    Provides customer with additional development hours for new features in their workflow.
  • Elite service manager

    Provides customer with single point of contact, faster response time to their issues, and broader technical knowledge.
  • Onsite support

    Provides customer with advanced support at their site allowing for quicker resolution.
  • Software releases

    Enables customer to download updates and fixes for their software. Could provide critical fix for their workflow or give them advanced feature.

Customer & reseller training

Customer & reseller training is perfect for DigitalGlobe customers who want to maximize the value of their DigitalGlobe Global Basemap (GBM) Offline, Cloud Services (DGCS), or FirstLook purchases by receiving advanced training for their staff.

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Product learning map

The training classes offered by Professional Services offer a product learning map that helps students understand how to gain value from their DigitalGlobe product purchase.

  • DGCS

    • Learn the advanced features of DGCS and the various web services provided by the platform.

    • Learn how to integrate and use the ImageConnect plugin that utilizes the platform in ArcMap.

    • Learn how to integrate various COTS tools into the DGCS platform for imagery consumption.

  • FirstLook

    • Learn the advanced features of FirstLook services and the benefits they provide a user.

    • Learn how to use the GeoRSS feed to get notifications of interesting events and imagery update alerts.

  • Basemap Offline

    • Learn the details of the Basemap Offline bulk tile format (BTDF) for large imagery deliveries.

    • Learn strategies for integrating the content into a workflow.

Custom software & solutions

For customers who don’t have the internal resources or expertise to integrate standard DigitalGlobe products into their workflow, custom software & solutions use flexible staffing and a collaborative agile development process to ensure a delivered solution that fulfills the customer’s business needs.

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Features and benefits

  • Rigorous requirements and feasibility study

    Increases customer satisfaction in delivered solution through an iterative communication process with the customer.
  • Flexible staffing to meet project demands

    Ensures there are the right resources with domain expertise to deliver the solution rapidly to the customer.
  • End-to-end solutions

    Provide a complete end-to-end solution for customers who purchased DigitalGlobe products but either lack the expertise or resources to implement their vision.
  • Agile development process

    Using a process of continuous planning and feedback, agile development ensures that the delivered software fulfills the desired business needs.
  • Robust software built to industry standards

    Provides the customer with high-quality end solutions
  • Core competencies

    • DGC Services: WMS, WMTS, WCS, WFS, WPS

    • GIS Web Servers ArcGIS, GeoServer, ERDAS Apollo

    • Programming Languages: Java, C#, VB.NET, Perl, Python

    • Web Technologies: HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit, jQuery, extJS, Silverlight, RESTful services

    • Database: Postgres, Oracle, MySQL

    • Mobile: HTML5, Ajax, iOS, Android

    • Mapping: Bing Maps (Silverlight controls)

  • Dedicated project manager

    Ensures that focus is maintained on all milestones and deliverables. Also, ensures that customer contact is maintained throughout the project.
  • Technological specialists

    Provides the right resources like a GIS or Geospatial specialist working on the solution as needed.

See the ways you can use Professional Services

Digitize parcels for accurate land use or agricultural records

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Land development is happening faster than ever.

Because of this rapidly changing landscape it can be difficult for governments to keep their land use records current.

Combine DigitalGlobe satellite imagery with current parcel information to get the most up-to-date and accurate imagery of your city's land with boundaries laid on top. This is perfect for better understanding land applications like infrastructure planning and taxation.

Drag the slider to see how you can gain insight through digitized parcels.


Optimize customer experience by optimizing the integrity of your maps

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Users expect the most up-to-date imagery in the apps they use in the social/mobile/location space.

It can be difficult to keep your maps up-to-date when community development moves at such a rapid pace.

High-resolution satellite imagery is a next-generation maintenance tool that can identify ground-truth changes such as buildings, roads, residential, and commercial development so you can act on those changes in an efficient, targeted, and cost effective manner.

Drag the slider to see how satellite imagery can help to pick up on new developments.


Find and evaluate mineral deposits at scale

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Efficient exploration is critical for mining companies.

Traditional methods of geological exploration are both time-consuming and expensive.

Since 2001, ASTER's coarse SWIR bands have proven their utility in mineral exploration. Now, with high-resolution SWIR imagery from DigitalGlobe, mining companies can far more clearly understand the presence and patterns of pathfinding minerals before investing in field deployments.

Click through the toggle to view how satellite imagery can help identify minerals below the surface.