Case Studies

  • 04.01.15

    DigitalGlobe Imagery Essential to Changchun Urban Planning Initiatives

    At the center of China’s automobile manufacturing industry and an important hub for the biopharmaceutical, high technology and energy sectors, Changchun is a rapidly growing metropolis in Northeast China. The Changchun Surveying and Mapping Institute, charged with keeping the municipality’s geospatial database current, relies on DigitalGlobe high resolution imagery for the task.
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  • 03.13.15

    Imagery central to strategic environmental assessment in Italy

    A sweeping urban planning initiative, the European Union Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive of 2001 is a complex set of procedures and processes that ensure the environmental implications of new building projects are taken into account before approval decisions are made. Satellite imagery, an ideal tool for tracking land use over time, is now playing a key role in helping municipalities conform to the directive.
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  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery maps telecom network optimization

    Product solution for Siradel and wireless networks.
  • 08.06.13

    DigitalGlobe imagery helps monitor electromagnetic field exposure

    Product solution for Siradel/electro magnetic field exposure.