White Papers

  • 05.01.18

    Advanced geodata for next-generation wireless network planning

    With ever-expanding modern networks and increasing network performance requirements, our geodata makes planning the networks of tomorrow feasible today.
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  • 01.01.18

    Remote Asset Monitoring

    How monitoring your holdings with geospatial technology can provide more ground truth than you can get on the ground
  • 06.01.17

    Detecting Stressed Trees with Satellite Imagery

    Detecting Stressed Trees With Multispectral Imagery After Atmospheric Compensation
  • 05.16.16

    Accuracy of WorldView Products

    Process used to assess geolocation accuracy and the resulting accuracy statements for WorldView-1 and WorldView-2 satellite products.
  • 04.23.15

    Exploring the benefits of SWIR satellite imagery

    Besides offering 30 centimeter resolution panchromatic and eight-band visible and near-infrared (VNIR) imagery, WorldView-3 collects shortwave infrared (SWIR) imagery in eight-bands. This allows the satellite to sense the VNIR spectrum as well as expand deeper into the infrared spectrum than any other commercial imaging satellite, providing rich data for precisely identifying and characterizing manmade and natural materials. WorldView-3's eight SWIR bands span the spectrum's three atmospheric transmittance imaging windows to capture unique information for materials identification, wildfire response, food security, mining/geology, and other applications.
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  • 01.20.15

    Remote Sensing Technology Trends and Agriculture

    The commercial remote sensing industry has turned a corner in capabilities that can address a variety of global applications including food security, global conflict, environmental issues, land sustainability, and more.
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  • 12.11.14

    Radiometric Resolution and Information Extraction

    Radiometric resolution refers to how much information is in a pixel and is expressed in units of bits.
  • 10.09.14

    Our Quality Promise

    To ensure your success, we put quality at our core. DigitalGlobe has invested over 20 years in defining and then elevating quality standards in the commercial satellite industry. There is no better source for getting the right answer fast to difficult questions.
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  • 02.13.14

    Moving from Pixels to Products

    After more than 40 years, the remote sensing community continues to face two fundamental challenges when using Earth imagery at a global scale: automated information extraction and change detection. DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite, currently being developed by Ball Aerospace for a 2014 launch, is designed to address these challenges by creating consistent datasets as well as providing unique information for agriculture, forestry and mining/geology applications.
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  • 06.03.13

    WorldView-2 8-band Applications Whitepaper

    The Benefits of the 8 Spectral Bands of WorldView-2.
  • 06.03.13

    Tasking the DigitalGlobe Constellation

    DigitalGlobe's high-resolution satellite imagery has been an invaluable component of government, defense, and geospatial intelligence industries for decades.
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  • 06.03.13

    Digital Photogrammetry and Digital Surface Modeling Project

    A digital photogrammetry and digital surface modeling project with very high-resolution stereo pairs.
  • 06.03.13

    High-Resolution Stereo Satellite Elevation Mapping Service

    Confirmed Proof of Accuracy, Case History, WorldView-2 Stereo Photos, Asmara, Eritrea
  • 06.03.13

    Digital Photogrammetry Project

    A digital photogrammetry study with very high-resolution stereo pairs was conducted on an area of 750 Has in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.